who we are

Some people love art, some love chemistry, some even love trains.
We love brands & creating amazing futures with like minded souls.

We think life’s too short for a job. It should be an adventure.
We think the world’s too full of self-important, self-serving consultants.

That’s why we have made it our purpose to

“inspire and empower a world of brand evangelists.”

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whole brain branding™

The marketing world is now waking up to the power of neuroscience, but its what we’ve been practicing since our birth in 2000.

Our entire approach is based around the concept of whole brain branding™ – understanding how we and our consumers think and then applying a fusion of precise art and beautiful science to create extraordinary possibilities that work.

Its why our innovation, positioning and insight programmes create true behaviour change. Its why we have tripled concept success rates. Its why we can embed a brand religion in an organisation from board to shop floor. Its also why we don’t have standard processes – brains don’t work that way…


If you spend your life having things given to you on a plate, you stop getting hungry. That’s what we saw in businesses that depended heavily on outside consultancies to bring them answers.

We believe the future lies in collaboration. That’s why we take our client partners on creative journeys we call brandventures. We bring process, tools, external scientists from our Techo-thinktank and inspiration from other countries and categories BUT we create possibilities with you that you can embrace with head and heart.

Its also why we created fusion fuel , our prosumer™ collaboration business…

meet the team

  • Myles Ritson

    Founding CEO

    Our founder with the vision for a way to build brands by building the people who manage them. Myles inspires teams across the worlds with programmes he designed such as our “outside in©” and “technothinktanks©”. His vast experience ranges from cakes to shoecare; suncare to beer. A Cambridge and P&G graduate, he was also global marketing learning Director at Reckitt Benckiser; he marketed the National Trust’s Lake District and launched Pie Squared channelling his passion for digging deep with techies to uncover great recipes.

  • Nina Aggarwal

    Global MD

    One of the founders, Nina is a qualified performance coach and Herrmann Brain consultant. She drives our whole brain branding™ approach. Prior to this Nina worked on the launch of Always for P&G and had regional and global roles in Reckitt and Colman. She oversees the global fusion family and the design of the capability programmes for Comms, Brand Equity, Consumer Collaboration, Insight and Innovation. Nina loves turning situations upside down to see things differently at work and fending off attacks in her self defence Krav Maga classes.

  • Patrick Tully


    Our Board Managing Director of APAC, Patrick is based in Sydney but has worked on health and beauty, pharma, dairy, confectionary, drinks in Thailand, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan as well as Australia and New Zealand. He has collaborated with clients to create innovative approaches to early ideation problem solving and to deliver behavioural change programmes that support the Stage and Gate process.

  • Sue Reast

    Director of Fuel

    After running from a graduate accountancy interview Sue fell into market research just as market globalisation started. Now she’s a global insight specialist, skilled in qual and quant methodologies.
    Sue loves finding out what makes brands and consumers tick. Her experience includes financial, mobiles, foods and pharma. Sue has developed a keen sense of where the ‘nuggets’ of understanding are and a reputation for being able to handle sensitive or difficult topics.
    Sue is a keen netball player, regularly returning with interesting bruises, and we thought it was a non-contact sport!

  • George Kakaletris

    Lead Brand Mentor North America

    George began his career with P&G, working in beauty on Clearasil, Noxzema Olay; laundry on Downy, Bounce, Gain and Tide and on the Pampers brand. The allure of alcohol drove him to join Molson Coors as Director before following a passion for food into the Service Inspired Restaurant Co. as VP Marketing.It was on Jack Astor’s where he ran an award winning living the brand programme with fusion learning before joining us to run our North American business. George has incorporated his love of food and knowledge of business to launch his own restaurants Union Social Eatery.

  • Angela Eves

    Brand Mentor

    Angela started out with Unilever and GSK in brand leadership, innovation and global strategy roles in Australia and UK on brands such as Bertolli, Continental, Lucozade & Horlicks. Innovation was always a key growth pillar enabling her to develop expertise in innovation and an understanding of what it takes to truly bring innovation to market. She has mentored global and local businesses including Colgate Palmolive, Heinz, Pernod Ricard, Pepsico and Beiersdorf.

  • Kathy Lewis

    Brand Mentor

    Kathy is very experienced in strategic communications, brand equity, insight and innovation. She began her career in advertising where she was VP Europe and Board Director at McCann-Erickson, London.  Prior to this she worked at Ogilvy and Mather and FCB London and Evans/Kraft, Seattle. Her portfolio included Vaseline Intensive Care, Nescafe, L‘Oreal, Acuvue, Laboratoires Garnier, Harpic, Durex. With fusion learning she has worked with BDF, Molson, Merz, Boots, Tata, LRS, Nestle & Tarkett Global Flooring.

  • Audrey Necol

    Brand Mentor

    Audrey has managed international innovation projects for the likes of IKEA, L‘Oreal, LVMH, Cadbury Schweppes, Levi Strauss, Ford, McCormick , Nestle and Chanel. She works with experts and leading edge creatives, semioticians, graphic designers, qual research specialists, cultural studies professionals. Based in Paris, Audrey travels extensively. Her ability to spot trends and emerging interesting new products has delighted us and influenced many innovation sessions.

  • Anna Swallow

    Head of Operations

    With a background of large scale events management, Anna heads up our operations and project management team, ensuring everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time. She manages large multi-program projects ensuring all deadlines and targets are met on time and to a high standard. Anna applies her magical invisible skills, working at superhuman speed to find the elusive 25th hour we all desire in our day.

  • Alice Hesmondhalgh

    Project Manager

    Alice studied Events Management at Leeds Uni where she worked in Hong Kong for a sports marketing agency organising international sports events. Alice loves thinking out of the box when sourcing materials for program. Out of work she’ll be on a netball court, ski slopes or hiking across Yorkshire!

  • Alexandra Hull

    Project Manager

    Alex is our Sydney based Project Manager and has managed and brought to life projects in a wide variety of categories from beauty to grocery and pharma to services. Having studied International Business, she has a marketing mind and the ability to articulate business challenges.

    Not only does Alex do a brilliant job at bringing together engaging, fun and purposeful workshops, she enjoys nothing more than being a contributive and creative part of any workshop team.

  • Elspeth Beattie

    Brand Mentor

    Elspeth has notched up many successful pieces of project delivery across gritty innovation challenges. Experienced in marketing in the hotel industry, she then joined agency side of life, working on leading brands and FMCG clients across the world to help them deliver best-in-class innovation and build core innovation capabilities. She stands apart for her energy and drive. Elspeth’s vision of quality time is swapping stories of outdoor adventure over a glass of wine.

  • Lee-Anne McAlear

    Brand Mentor

    Lee-Anne is a mentor in front end innovation and group dynamics. Dedicated to help businesses get their most insightful and tenable ideas, she has worked in most sectors globally from financial, consumer packaged goods to personal care. She is Program Director, Centre of Excellence in Innovation Management, Schulich School of Business, York University, Ontario. She has a passion and skill with watercolours – she loves the flowing variability of the medium – like working with fusion!

  • Heather Guild

    Brand Mentor

    Just like the rescue dogs she cares for, Heather moves at speed, yet she is incredibly easy going. She started out as a client of ours whilst Global Category Director in Reckitt Benckiser and has been with us ever since. Her career has seen her travel to most corners of the world with stints living in Paris and London but she now resides in the USA. Heather applies great strategic rigour with a flair for innovation to her thinking. She is great with multi functional and multi cultural teams of all levels.

  • Liz Herring

    Brand Mentor

    Liz applies a great whole brain approach to the research she conducts for us; digging deep to help uncover nuggets of new understanding and stretching wide for lateral connections. We harness her knowledge of health and beauty from her years with Boots Healthcare but Liz can turn her hand and brainpower to any category. Liz loves a good story – in life and work, people and brands. She loves finding out about their history, experiences, what makes them tick and where they are heading. 


  • Linda Gaskell

    Fuel Moderator

    Linda is a very experienced quali and key player in our fuel team. Her psychotherapy training adds a unique dimension to her ability to help dig for deeper understanding about people. She draws on her experience in helping people to unlock their potential when working in our insight programmes.

  • Nicola Mackley

    Fuel Moderator

    Since leaving the UK and her role as Insights Director for Nestle behind Nicola has been kept busy building many things. At home she has got the ‘grow your own’ bug. Nicola loves being in the fresh Swiss air, preparing, planting and eventually digging up and eating her own produce. Many parallels to nurturing and developing insights – just far tastier! We do our best to tie her down to the laptop and get her back in sessions where she helps enrich and moderate many of our fuel sessions.

  • Jane Merriman

    Fuel Moderator

    Jane is a key player in our fusion fuel team. From her days with William Grant and Sons and Diageo Jane knows a lot about Whiskey and Gin having managed brands such as Bombay Sapphire and Glenfiddich. On fusion projects, before she moved into fusion fuel, Jane probably researched most of the 40+ categories we’ve worked on, finding inspiring stimulus for insight development in personal care, household, food and drink. When not mixing with consumers Jane can be found blending her own brand of fine chocolates.

  • Amanda Power

    Finance Controller

    As our Financial Controller Amanda keeps things in order , on time and accurate. She sees her job a bit like co-ordinating a wardrobe. She even had matching bike and car colours at one time!  The complexity of managing a global agency keeps her busy but in her downtime she loves spending time with her family and shopping in Harrogate. 

  • Deborah O'Melia

    Finance Manager

    Deb has over 12 years of experience as a Finance Manager having previously worked in a very different, engineering, environment. Originally a PA, she then re-trained in accounts and hasn’t looked back since. Her organisational prowess pays dividend when it comes to keeping track of every penny.
    When not working on best procedures and practices, Deb can be found hiking up the nearest fell with her beloved Piper, a cross Patterdale / Border terrier.