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February 19th, 2016
Top campaigns of the week
by Alexandra Hull

Here is a round up of our favourite digital, television, print campaigns of the week

DIY retailer Wickes latest campaign aims to showcase how creative its consumers can be with paint. Customers who tweet scenarios by filling in the blanks “I’m _____ while_____ in _______ #WickesPaintPortrait” will see their musings come to life by an in-house designer from the retailer’s agency, Iris. We love this campaign as it’s an alternative to an overt sales message aiming to draw attention to its Buy One Get One Off promotion on Dulux and Wickes coloured emulsion without an overt sales message. Below is a portrait of Marketing’s Shona Ghosh who tweeted: “I’m escaping flesh-eating zombies while climbing in a post-apocalyptic UK”.

"I’m escaping flesh-eating zombies while climbing in a post-apocalyptic UK".

This week Snickers revealed their collaboration with Sports Illustrated for their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign showing the humorous consequences of the staff working on an empty stomach at a photoshoot with a 2 print ad in the swimsuit issue.

We love that the ad includes a digital element as fans are encouraged to tweet snickers the 11 mistakes in this ‘Retoucher’ ad.

Can you spot all 11 mistakes?
After research revealed that while Australians recognise the benefits of dinnertime, three quarters want to change something, Masterfoods wanted to move Aussies to prioritise and celebrate dinnertime. They toured the country asking people who their ideal dinner guest would be, asking parents and then their children the same question. What was revealed surprised everyone. .

You can watch the great campaign that captures and highlights a fairly powerful and perhaps global insight here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wfbY3i4FY0

On Australia Day eve, Tourism Australia launched a new campaign that embraces virtual reality (VR) and 360 mobile technology in a bid to lure more international visitors to Australia for its aquatic and coastal experiences.

With the use of technology, the campaign feels incredibly immersive and captures what it feels like to be in Australia and to experience for yourself being on, in or near the water”.