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September 5th, 2017
Personalisation. Who Cares?
by Nina Aggarwal

According to new research commissioned by fusion learning, 39% of consumers (rising to 51% of the 18-29 year old age group) spend more money with brands that personalise their products, services or communications.

This is because good personalised experiences are much more relevant and useful to customers and helps to build better relationships. Brands are likely to be rewarded for harnessing personalisation, with better conversion, repeat purchase and advocacy. (source: Econsultancy).

Personalisation therefore offers a very attractive growth strategy for any organisation.

However there are also barriers to doing this well, which makes personalisation both an opportunity and a challenge for Marketers. It’s no surprise then that although 74% of Marketers know that Personalisation increases customer engagement, only 19% of Marketers are using this approach. (source: Econsultancy).

In this report we will look at why personalisation is important to brands, the opportunities presented by technology, who is doing this well – and why. We will also share insights from our own research which we conducted to help us better understand the customer’s perspective on personalisation – the benefits to them but also the frustrations and concerns they have. Finally, we will provide our recommended principles for successful personalisation, taking into account both the customer and the Marketing point of view.

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