the challenge

The time was right to define a brand positioning that was fit for purpose on a global stage and to future proof it as iSkyscanner expanded in to new geographies and new product areas such as hotels and car rental

what we did

Skyscanner has an incredibly strong internal culture which we dug deeply into. Indeed, a clue to the final answer came in one critical statement from the CEO. We developed 9 hypotheses which were explored amongst 4 key segments in 5 markets (UK, India, Singapore, China, US). In total we spoke to 120 consumers. The shortlist 4 platforms which were torture tested in a Fusion Fuel session leading to a lead Brand Identity Model.

the outcomes

As well as a new Brand Identity Model the business developed its Purpose:

‘We make your world even larger’

Which is now being activated across all areas of the business from marketing through to product and content development.