create insight & build ideas with articulate, creative consumers

You wouldn’t loan your car to someone without a licence, so why give your idea to a ‘representative’ consumer to poke at it?

What if you could find positive, passionate, creative, prepared and interested people to help you instead?

FUSION FUEL is our co-creation business – we recruit prosumers™, experts and other external influencers either in place of exploratory qualitative research or to enrich and build concepts together and provoke new ways of thinking to spark ideas.

We don’t just select and double screen our prosumers™ very very carefully to be creative, positive builders. We also train them to truly partner with us to develop ideas – we even let them see them first too! – playing to their desire to be involved, recognised and to be the owners of success.

Using co-creative approaches allow for a mixture of activities and creative, deliberative and projective research techniques to fully explore different perspectives and optimise productivity and insight.

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Online and offline exploratory approaches to create understanding, insight and opportunity corridors that dig below the surface into understanding consumers emotional and rational behaviours, usage and attitudes and unmet needs.

We can use your raft of NPD ideas that already exist as further stimulus to help provide insight into unfilled or unrecognised needs.


This is an opportunity to explore & build directly with the target audience. It’s not quant. It can’t decide for you. It’s about truly learning what works and exploring how to make stronger ideas with the people who matter.

Mid stream creative workshops, face to face experiences and online approaches to build ideas and create explore and reshape new ideas and opportunities using the true strength of consumers as selection and idea building machines, not insight generators to top and tail to check message sent vs. message received, help to fine tune language for quantitative evaluation.

We can explore the context of a set of ideas, specific concepts, packaging possibilities or executional ideas, to build total packages that work.


Training combined with in the field interactions and how to identify insights to fire up teams across business units with both the mindset and toolkit to be able to use informal consumer conversations to start the insight and innovation process.


You get more out of a project when you get your
sleeves rolled up and join in.

We train you on how to do it in our workshops, in field and online, to get out there and understand who they really are, to really get under the skin of your consumer.