& prototyping

what's in it for you?

Imagine what the idea on this post-it tastes like. Imagine a walkman, a phone and a filofax in one i-gadget in 2001…

80% of great ideas killed die because they were not fully understood. Making food people can taste or radical new ideas they can touch, keeps us two steps ahead of those who screen 10 word ideas with gen pop creativity assassins.

what we can do

We have a team of amazing techies we call the techno-thinktank.

From organoleptic psychologists to chefs and material scientists to structural designers and polybrains, they can turn your ideas into real thing people can see, smell and touch.

fusion have a passion for the development of teams, bringing new perspective and technique, but above all have an outstanding track record in delivering on their objectives

Anthony Palmer, Global Innovation Director