April 1st, 2015

Comparing innovation to a team sport effort may be trite but there is a lot of truth to it. Elspeth Beattie, client director at Fusion Learning, examines the similarities between team sports and business innovation.

February 10th, 2015
by Nina Aggarwal

Companies strive to be innovative, so much so that the word itself is often included in their mission statement. But what can businesses actually do to be truly innovative? Nina Aggarwal, founder and partner at Fusion Learning, offers practical advice on building innovation

January 19th, 2015
by Myles Ritson

If you want to know about the latest trends in food then a stroll through Borough Market or a search on Amazon will give you a good steer. But about this time each year, for the past 15 years, some of the world’s greatest and most progressive food companies have stopped to wait for one publication – The Global Flavor Forecast from McCormick.

December 1st, 2014

As humans we all have an insatiable desire to know the future – to know gives us the power to pre-empt, to be rich, safe and most importantly to be right.