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March 18th, 2016
Brands get personal
by Alexandra Hull

A key to developing great brand strategies is to uncover deep and meaningful insights into your consumers if you truly want to get up close and personal with them. Smirnoff, Pandora and Ahm are all seeking to demonstrate this in their latest personal campaigns

Pandora – celebrating the uniqueness of every woman

Pandora has launched a new campaign that aims to revolutionize how it communicates with its customers.

Unique as We Are – follows the separate lives of different women who come together as a close group of friends to celebrate a friend’s wedding, intertwining their personal narratives.

Pandora senior vice president Stephen Fairchild says the ambition of the campaign is to connect with women on an emotional level.

Smirnoff ‘We’re Open’ campaign gets personal

Smirnoff’s ‘We’re open’ campaign has taken a more personal approach with their latest ad.

The 40 second TV ad tells the story of inspiration Chris Fonseca, an inspirational dance teacher from London who teachers fellow deaf dancers other ways to there are others ways to appreciate music besides listening to it.

The brand’s campaign has been aiming to encourage inclusiveness and getting people to think – Chris’ departing quote “We are all on the same dancefloor” manages to portray this message perfectly

Ahm health insurance targets ‘Boring Bodies’

Ahm – an Australian private health insurance company has recently launched ‘Boring Bodies’, a campaign designed to show that not everyone needs full health cover.

The campaign features Gregg, a man with an exceptionally boring body. When Gregg’s girlfriend leaves him for a more accident prone man, she tries to get him to see the bright side – which is Ahm’s cheaper insurance cover.

Besides the TV ad, the campaign also includes online display, direct mail and digital outdoor executions, each explaining the symptoms of a boring body.

The campaign is a refreshing, clever and humorous way to raise awareness on widely considered boring subject matter